• Ultimate Sea Salt Variety Pack – 5 Amazing Flavors


      This pack includes our most unique salts!

      Chipotle Sea Salt – 3 oz
      Smoked Alderwood Fine Sea Salt – 3oz
      Hawaiian Black Sea Salt – 4oz
      Hawaiian Alaea Sea Salt – 3.5oz
      Pink Himalayan Salt Ground – 4oz



    • Hawaiian Black Sea Salt


      There is a variety of sea salts and more than one type that comes from Hawaii, but few match the distinct flavor of Hawaiian Black Sea Salt. Hawaiian Black Sea Salt is pure Pacific Ocean sea salt from Hawaii with premium activated charcoal and ocean electrolytes. Sea salt crystals are cut larger than table salt. The size of the crystals along with the striking black color makes this sea salt a visually enticing addition to your tablescapes. Trace minerals, electrolytes and a hint of minerals give sea salt its complex flavor.

      This rich and crunchy sea salt makes a delightful and intense finishing salt that is not only for traditional Hawaiian dishes. Our Hawaiian Black Sea Salt holds up nicely in strong-flavored dishes, sauces, and roasts. It is fabulous as a finishing salt on grilled steak, chicken and fish. Sprinkle it on sushi, teriyaki chicken, salads, foie gras, and vegetables.


    • Smoked Alderwood Fine Sea Salt


      Made from sea salt and combined with alder wood, our smoked fine Alderwood sea salt is a hidden gem for your spice rack. If your favorite recipes are starting to lack their punch, switch in the smoked Alderwood sea salt for traditional sea salt and feel your taste buds rejoice. The smoky flavor brings the backyard barbecue to you even when it is unavailable. For instance, add the Alderwood sea salt to fish dishes such as salmon or sea bass and you may find it on your menu every night. Use the Alderwood sea salt on its own, or combine it with other spices such as paprika, garlic, and pepper for meat rubs. You can also add it to marinades, dressings, dips, and soups for a smoky flavor that is smooth, but not bitter.

      Once you discover the ease of adding smoked fine Alderwood sea salt into your culinary creations, find non-traditional ways to use your new favorite smoky sea salt. For example, top popcorn with this seasoning for a delightful boost to your evening snack. Or, combine it with sweets such as caramel and chocolate for a smoky dessert cookie that will fly out of the cookie jar. Not only are you receiving new taste benefits, but the electrolytes in sea salt such as sodium, calcium, magnesium, and potassium, help to regulate blood pressure and cellular functions.


    • Artisan Premium Sea Salt Fumee De Sel – Natural Smoked Sea Salt with Chardonnay Oak


      Fumee de Sel is premium sea salt (Fleur de Sel) that has been slowly smoked with Chardonnay oak wine barrels. It is prized for its gentle smoke flavor with a savory hint of wine. Seasoned Chardonnay oak barrels, broken into chips, are used as fuel for the fire to smoke this salt. The moist salt crystals absorb the rich, natural smoked flavors of the oak and the subtle citrus and herb flavors of the chardonnay. Great on all meat and seafood! Also try it on pasta, salads, baked potatoes or eggs and potatoes at breakfast.

      Packed in a glass jar with airtight lids! Perfect for multiple uses! ( NOT dishwasher safe )


    • Celery Salt


      The combination of table salt and ground celery seed produces a fresh, grassy seasoning that can be used in addition to or instead of plain salt.
      Sprinkle our celery salt onto meat and chicken alone or with other seasonings as a rub to add flavor before cooking. It adds a tantalizing fresh flavor to creamy salads like potato salad, egg salad or coleslaw and is a great alternative to plain table salt on fish, vegetables, potatoes, rice and even popcorn! Celery salt also works well in slow-cooked foods, adding a layer of flavor to soups, stews and roasted vegetables.


    • Hawaiian Alaea Sea Salt


      Hawaiian Alaea Sea Salt is the traditional Hawaiian sea salt mixed with a purified volcanic red clay giving it a hypnotic crystallized red color. Hawaiian Sea Salt, like all seat salt, is non-processed and rich in trace minerals directly sourced from the seawater. Alae is an iron-oxidative Hawaiian red clay that enriches the sea salt and gives it the red hue. It’s a sacred clay that was used for cleansing and healing throughout Hawaiian culture.

      Salt is a staple in nearly every recipe and on every home or restaurant table. Hawaiian natives use Hawaiian Alaea Sea Salt to preserve meat, fish, and pork. It has a lower sodium content than table salt making it a little healthier in your recipes. It’s the best salt to use with any Hawaiian inspired dish such as Hawaiian shrimp, Lau Lau pork, and pulled pork with pineapple.


    • Chipotle Sea Salt


      Smoky Chipotle Sea Salt combines the earthy spiciness of smoked chipotle peppers with the crisp taste of all-natural Pacific sea salt. Made with real smoke-dried jalapeno peppers, and as warm and delicious as its namesake, this salt has a rich, toasted pepper flavor that brings a dash of fiesta to the table.


    • Pink Himalayan Salt Ground


      Pink Himalayan salt is a type of rock salt from the Punjab region of Pakistan, near the foothills of the Himalayas.

      Add amazing flavor to any dish!

      Country of Origin: Pakistan


    • Black Truffle Sea Salt


      Black Truffle Sea Salt is the ultimate gourmet blend of all natural Mediterranean Sea salt and treasured Italian black truffles. Truffles are celebrated worldwide for their complex and incredibly unique flavor notes, and Fusion Black Truffle Salt utilizes the unique power of sea salt to intensify the aroma and deliciousness of this exquisite mushroom.

      • Packed in glass jar with airtight lids!

      Perfect for multiple use! ( NOT dishwasher safe )


      Sea Salt, Black Truffle


    • Italian Red Pepper Sea Salt


      Spicy, flavourful kick for your dishes!

      Shelf Life:
      3 years minimum

      APPEARANCE: Red, Pink
      APPLICATIONS: This salt is intended for culinary use including cooking, baking, direct application, and food manufacturing.
      ALLERGENS: This salt does not contain any known allergens or specific components and is suitable for the following diets: Vegetarian, Vegan, Lactose-Free, & Gluten Free. Salt does not contain melamine.
      GMO DECLARATION: This salt is not genetically modified nor does it contain genetically modified organisms (GMO) or their derivatives and genetic engineering is not applied during the production process.

      Note: We don’t use preservatives in our products. It is normal for clumping to occur. Please shake before using.

      No Preservatives. No additives. No artificial flavorings
      MSG Free | Dairy-Free | NON-GMO

    • Premium Sea Salt Fleur de Sel


      Fleur de sel sea salt derives its name from the French, referring to the natural salt “bloom” topping the seawater evaporating in marshy pools. That bloom depends on just the right combination of terrain, sunshine and slow, steady winds. Once it forms, if it forms, harvesters skim the delicate salt crust with specially designed wooden rakes. Even along the coast of Brittany, with just the right conditions for fleur de sel production, the harvest rarely exceeds 2 pounds per day. Incredibly pure, fleur de sel has a high moisture content, up to 10 percent, as compared with 0.5 percent for table salt. Why is that important? The extra moisture enables the salt crystals to stick together, snowflake-style, which means they linger longer on the tongue, allowing for a more intense perception of saltiness. In addition, the unique evaporation process results in higher magnesium and calcium content, giving fleur de sel not only an oceanic flavor (even in comparison with other sea salts), but also a softness, lacking any bitter aftertaste.

      Because fleur de sel is as much about texture as taste, it is ideal as a finishing condiment, whether topping grilled salmon just before serving or complementing the sugar crust on crème caramel. Fleur de sel is wildly popular as a dessert topping these days, partly because of its textural interest and partly because a touch of sodium triggers glucose sensors in the gut, to enhance the sweet experience.

      Although areas of Portugal, Spain, the Canadian Pacific and Mexico harvest fleur de sel, France holds sway as the key source, an honor held since ancient Romans first stumbled across salt-harvesting Gauls. Pliny the Elder called the Gallic harvest “flos salis.”

      Fleur de Sel salt is renowned worldwide by chefs as the best sea salt for culinary because of its delicate flavor, moist texture, and high mineral content.

      Packed in a glass jar with airtight lids! Perfect for multiple uses! ( NOT dishwasher safe )


    • Himalayan Pink Salt Coarse


      Himalayan Pink Coarse Salt, with its range of pink crystals from white to red, tastes just like its namesake; salty. The iron oxide content ads a subtle sweetness. While the taste may not be very different from white sea salt or table salt the mineral content is. The coarseness of the mineral-rich crystals makes it easier to determine how much salt you are adding to your dish. It also contains less sodium per portion than processed table salt.


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