• Himalayan Pink Salt Coarse


      Himalayan Pink Coarse Salt, with its range of pink crystals from white to red, tastes just like its namesake; salty. The iron oxide content ads a subtle sweetness. While the taste may not be very different from white sea salt or table salt the mineral content is. The coarseness of the mineral-rich crystals makes it easier to determine how much salt you are adding to your dish. It also contains less sodium per portion than processed table salt.


    • Ras El Hanout Signature Seasoning Blend


      Describing the taste of ras el hanout is tricky, because this North African seasoning not only varies from purveyor to purveyor but also relies on synergy to achieve its unique bang for the buck. A blend of many different spices, in varying proportions, ras el hanout should warm the palate, with no single spice, no single flavor note-taking prominence. Instead, each ingredient should enhance the others’ flavors. You’ll find warming, slightly sweet, pungent, floral and aromatic notes.

      Ras el hanout’s history dates back to the ancient spice trade. North Africa was a prime crossroads for all sorts of exotic flavorings that would eventually traverse the Mediterranean and enter Europe. North African spice merchants would reserve the best of these exotic exports and blend them into their own house seasonings. “Ras el hanout” is Arabic for “head of the shop,” another way of saying a top-shelf item. Some historians claim the term also refers back to Ethiopia, where “ras” means king. Thus ras el hanout qualifies as a royal spice blend.

      Spices, Sea Salt, Turmeric, Dried Chilies


    • Salad Seasoning


      Our house salad seasoning brings a citrus herbal vibe to your salads, imparting enough flavor to allow for less dressing, without being overbearing for your other ingredients.


    • Steak Seasoning


      Rub or sprinkle the seasoning a before tossing your steak on the grill or in the pan. Leave it to sit in the fridge from anywhere from a half-hour to overnight. This will allow the Gustatory flavor to infuse into the meat and give it a bold, tasty crust while leaving the insides juicy and tender.

      This Steak Seasoning not only for steaks. Enjoy the full flavor with every bite and use it on all types of meats from roasts to chops and anything in between. This fresh, top-notch seasoning is ideal whether with baking, blackening, broiling and searing meat. Rub it on roasts before browning in an oven. The more you rub it in the more punch of flavor you add. Mix it into a marinade or brine. Try it on a New York strip, t-bone, rib eye or sirloin.

      Salt, Spices, Garlic


      Country of Origin: USA

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