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Rub or sprinkle the seasoning a before tossing your steak on the grill or in the pan. Leave it to sit in the fridge from anywhere from a half-hour to overnight. This will allow the Gustatory flavor to infuse into the meat and give it a bold, tasty crust while leaving the insides juicy and tender.

This Steak Seasoning not only for steaks. Enjoy the full flavor with every bite and use it on all types of meats from roasts to chops and anything in between. This fresh, top-notch seasoning is ideal whether with baking, blackening, broiling and searing meat. Rub it on roasts before browning in an oven. The more you rub it in the more punch of flavor you add. Mix it into a marinade or brine. Try it on a New York strip, t-bone, rib eye or sirloin.

Salt, Spices, Garlic


Country of Origin: USA

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